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Mark Hamill
Tony Todd
Sonny Chiba
David Dastmalchian
Michael Biehn
Danny Trejo
Vincent J. Guastini
George Frangadakis
Skip Burrows
Ivy Isenberg
Rich Hopkins
Mark Alan Miller
Sean Fernald
XYZ Films
Wendy van Dijk
and so many more...


Featured Work
A Violent Intent

PETER and CATHERINE live in a secluded mansion in the hills with their children BELLA (17), THOMAS (15) and MADISON (9). Despite the picture-perfect life they've built for themselves, Peter and Catherine hardly speak to each other.

The quiet is shattered when ACE and his crew of murderers show up. They knock Peter out and hold the family at gunpoint. They have cut the alarm, internet, and are jamming cellphone signals. There is no one coming to help the family. "Where are the emeralds?" Ace asks Catherine.

Ace quickly grows frustrated with Catherine, who swears she doesn't know anything about “emeralds” or why any of this is happening. As he is about to express his displeasure by killing her children, one of his crew sees something seemingly supernatural outside.

Two masked figures, whom we'll know as CATRINA and EL CATRIN stalk the outside of the house, effectively trapping Ace and his crew inside with the family.

As the violent and dangerous men inside the house are hunted by those outside, the family is caught between them. Catherine forms a desperate plan to escape, and reveals that evil isn't constrained to the killers in or outside of her home.

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